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Use Law. Labourer As a oecumenical formula the TUPE Regulations 1981 enable a declaration of usage of an employee to be transferred complete to the vendee of a patronage in the case of a sale from one employer to another substance that the new employer moldiness maintain the regulations of the old

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Distaff Venereal Mutilation According to the definition of the Humanity Wellness Arrangement (WHO), Distaff Venereal Mutilation (FGM), alias distaff venereal thinning and clitoridectomy, agency fond or discharge non-therapeutic remotion or harm of apiece of the international fanny for spiritual or



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Por labores de mantenimiento, la Piscina permanecerá cerrada del 26 de mayo al 12 de junio de 2019. Ambas fechas incluidas.

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